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Goodfellas is a technology company that has developed a mobile application for jiujitsu practitioners. The Goodfellas mobile app allows users to train and challenge each other, regardless of their location. The app uses geolocation technology to match users with other practitioners in their area, and provides a safe and interactive environment for them to practice and compete. The company was founded with the goal of modernizing and popularizing the practice of jiujitsu, while providing a platform for practitioners to connect with one another and improve their skills. Goodfellas is committed to ensuring the highest standards of quality and user experience for its users, and is constantly working to improve the app's functionality and features. As a technology company, Goodfellas is focused on leveraging the latest advancements in mobile app development, geolocation technology, and user experience design to provide the best possible service for its users. The company is also committed to upholding ethical values and promoting respect for others in all aspects of its operations. Overall, Goodfellas is a company that is passionate about jiujitsu and dedicated to providing a safe and interactive platform for practitioners to connect, train, and challenge each other.

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